Youth/Adults Karate Lessons

Youth/Adults Martial Arts, Self Defence, Karate Lessons

Youth/Adults (11+ years)
Students preparing to punch and block

People of all ages from 4 to 64 can benefit from the Martial Arts but not all age groups want the same thing from their training.

Our Youth and Adult programmes add a more realistic self defence element as well as higher degrees of fitness training. This combines to give a great all over body workout that can pack a punch both on a bag and on the street!

Don't worry, you won't be free-sparring straight away, your first years training will be a slow build up. We will improve your fitness levels and tone your muscle, develop your coordination and balance. 

Only after these goals have been achieved will you be gently introduced to sparring and then only under strict supervision.

For sport, fitness and self defence choose Snwkarate.

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