Self-Defence Lessons Ellesmere Port

Self-Defence Lessons in Ellesmere Port

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At SNW Karate, we teach the Shito-ryu style of karate which is a highly effective form of self-defence. This style of karate is ‘real world’ karate; techniques, such as blocking, are very direct and accurate with no unnecessary movement.

Unnecessary movement adds to time, and time is something that you haven’t got much of in a fight. A some ‘real world’ fighting happens at close range too and again the Shito-ryu style is tailored for close range scenarios.

In the process of leaning the style, we will practice techniques for defending against and even disarming a knife attacker, and well as effective methods of taking down and grappling with an attacker.

We also teach the fact that the best form of self-defence is to avoid and even run away from a potentially dangerous situation rather than fight because the potential for injury of some sort is always high if you engage in a fight situation. 

Self-Defence Classes

Our karate and self-defence classes are held at the Christ Church C of E Primary School, in Whitby on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings.

The lessons are led by Steve Bolland who is a 6th Dan blackbelt in Shito-ryu karate. Our training sessioms are fun and enjoyable for all ages, and are run in a highly professional way, by all of our instructors.

You are welcome to come to our Ellesmere Port venue for a free trial lesson. There is no obligation to join. You just need to wear some loose clothing, such as track suit bottoms and a t-shirt, and you can give it a go! 

Call us on 07855 487026 or fill out the contact form and we will look forward to seeing you!

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