Karate In Chester

Martial Arts, Karate, Self Defence In Chester

Chester Dojo, martial arts, karate lessons.
The King’s School Chester
Wrexham Road, Chester, CH4 7QL (Wednesday)
4yrs to 10yrs old
11yrs to adult
Chester Dojo, martial arts, karate lessons.
The Cheshire County Sports Club
Plas Newton Ln, Chester, CH2 1PR (Saturday)
4yrs to 10yrs old
11yrs to adult
Our Chester-based martial arts lessons take place at two different locations. Our mid-week lesson is held at the King’s School Chester, on the Wrexham Road in Chester on a Wednesday evening with the kids’ session starting at 6pm with the 7pm start time for older children and adults. The second session of the week is held at the Cheshire County Sports Club on Plas Newton Lane, Chester and it is a morning class starting at 10am for younger children and 11am for adults and older children from the age of 11.
All the sessions are held in a safe environment and all of our martial arts instructors -both male and female - are qualified to black-belt standard and are highly experienced at working with young children as well as adolescents and adults.
Our lessons are held in a fun and relaxed atmosphere which is where learning – particularly to young children – is most effective. However, the ethos of our style of karate is one of discipline, self-respect and respect for others; there are still traditional elements in our style of teaching.
We teach Shito-ryu Karate as our chosen martial art which is a more close-combat form of self-defence training than some forms of karate. They will learn the basics of effective punching, kicking and blocking, but also the take-downs and throws that are an important element of self-defence.
The benefits for you or your children undertaking our martial arts classes are considerable. Children and adolescents, in particular, report huge gains in self-confidence because of their greater levels of fitness, strength, flexibility and self-discipline that comes about because of the training. In some cases, the change is almost transformational.
If you feel that you or your children would benefit from taking up a martial art, and want to have fun at the same time, why not come and try a lesson free of charge and with no obligation?
Simply call us or send us a message through the contact form and we can book a trial lesson.
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