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Easy Karate Moves to Learn and Practice

June 28, 2024

When you're new to Karate, it pays to take your training slowly, consistently and methodically.

Karate is a deep art, and its essence lies in perfecting even the smallest of physical movements and pairing this drive for perfection with the right mindset, discipline and Karate spirit.

It's a beautiful and ancient art that can - and should - be practised for a lifetime. But even the newest karate-ka can rapidly get a grip of some of the basics, even if it does then take a lifetime to master them! With that in mind, here are some of the main basic easy karate moves to learn and practice.

How to Make a Fist

Before you get to easy karate moves, it's important to form a fist properly. With 27 bones in your hands and fingers, you don't want to risk a breakage.

To do this, curl your fingers down to the palm of your hand very tightly and then fold your thumb down over the fist. Don't put your thumb inside your fist, or you risk breaking it.

Make sure your fist is tight without any slack or gaps in the fingers. Have a straight wrist when you punch and strike with your knuckles.

Easy Karate Moves to Begin With

Start slowly with your punches and focus on good technique. With all of these punches, the key is to work on keeping your body relaxed, your knees soft and your stance correct.

Punch from the hip and pull back your other fist, "Hiki-te" (Pulling hand) as the punch releases. The power in the punch should come from the hips, rather than the shoulders.

Avoid letting your elbow flare out as you punch - unless it's specific 'swing style' punch, the fist should move in a sharp and linear path.

Straight punch is your first step. Start in neutral stance, and send the punch from the cocked position at the side of your body with the palm up. As the punch sends out, twist the hand around so that the palm faces downwards.

Don't completely extend your elbow, and don't lock it out either, to avoid any injuries.

You can then progress to the straight lunch punch, which uses the same mechanics but with a deeper stance. These basic punches can be worked endlessly for technique perfection, and as you get stronger and crisper with your punches, mastering the technical aspects, you will find that you can build up incredible power from this basic move.

Progressing to Kicks

Start with your front kick (Mae Geri) and then roundhouse kick (Mawashi Geri).

The front kick should begin from a chamber position, with your knee bent and your foot pressed back into your body. Release the kick forwards with power, aiming for the solar plexus.

With the roundhouse kick, you start in a longer, sideways-angled stance and begin with the same chamber, angling your body away from your opponent to twist and release the kick to the side or back of their body.

These easy karate moves are great for beginners, but their apparent ease masks the fact that masters will practice them for decades to perfect the finer points of each move.

This is the essence of karate and the secret to its lifelong art!

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