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March 22, 2023

If you’re looking for a new sport or activity for your child, have you considered Martial Arts, Karate? Martial arts, Karate can teach kids a range of useful skills, plus it’s a fantastic way to keep fit. There are many benefits of martial arts for kids that aren’t related to fighting skills. Here are a few examples.

Great for all-round fitness

Martial arts and Karate not only get your heart pumping but they also build muscle power and flexibility. It’s a fun way to get your kids moving and they’ll improve their balance, coordination, and strength. If you’re looking for an activity that’s great for all-round fitness, martial arts and Karate could be the best choice for your child.

Helps them work towards goals

As with many sports, they encourage kids to set personal goals and work towards achieving them. This can be great for their self-esteem. It enables them to learn how to motivate themselves. Snw Karate have specific rewards to work towards at each level, such as belts and rankings. Passing each stage is, therefore, very rewarding as they’ll have something to show for it.

Provides safe environment for sparring

Martial arts and karate classes provide a safe environment for sparring (called kumite in karate). Kids will be always supervised and will be given the protection they need. They will learn how to defend themselves in the right way, through the practice of Kihon (foundation), Kata (forms, to practice self-defence) and Kumite (sparring). They are also given plenty of practice before sparring with tools such as focus pads, target training and control training.

Teaches them discipline and respect

Rather than focusing on fighting, martial arts and karate are prioritised towards self-discipline and respect for others. They will learn to control their movements and hone their karate skills, which can be very hard work but so beneficial. They will also be taught to listen to their karate instructor and be mindful of others.

They become part of a team

One of the benefits of extra-curricular activities such as these is the social aspect. They will get to become part of a karate team and make new friends along the way. If your child is lacking confidence, self-esteem, or social skills, this could be a great opportunity for them to improve in those areas, within Snw Karate clubs in Ellesmere Port and Chester.

Teaches them about conflict resolution

Even though martial arts and karate are often combat-based, there is so much more to karate classes, they teach kids about conflict resolution. The skills and moves they will learn at Snw Karate are for self-defence and they are encouraged to find new ways to protect themselves in a peaceful, non-violent, and respectful manner. Karate teaches children to be confident, emotionally controlled, and focused. 

Martial arts are fun

There’s no doubt that martial arts are a fun way to stay active. The classes can be very varied and there’s always something new and exciting to learn. This is very motivating and rewarding for kids.

If you would like to get your child enrolled in martial arts, karate in the Ellesmere Port and Chester area, we have the solution for you at Snw Karate.

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